Q. What is the function of Tan Ngan Lo herbal tea (teabag)?  
A. Tan Ngan Lo herbal tea is a herbal mixture made with various of natural herbs. The formulation is especially help in moderating health problems such as sore throats, flu, and lethargy.
Q. Is it safe to drink Tan Ngan Lo herbal tea in pregnancy?
A. No issue for drinking the canned TNL Herbal tea in pregnancy. As for the TNL tea bag herbal tea, pregnant women are advised to drink after 3-months pregnancy, subject to the pregnant women’s individuality and the concentration of herbal tea brewed. It is recommended to add more water when brewing the tea bag and not to drink more than 2 sachet per day.

Q. At what age can children start drinking Tan Ngan Lo herbal tea (teabag)?
A. Above 5 years old.

Q. How many Tan Ngan Lo Herbal Tea (teabag) sachets can be drink per day?
A. It is recommend 2 sachets per day.

Q. Why sometime the taste of Tan Ngan Lo herbal tea (teabag) will be different?
A. Our product is 100% made by original herbs without preservative, flavoring and colouring. Thus, different batches and varieties of herbs will vary. Although the taste will be slightly different, we still maintain a good quality of product.

Q. What are the differences between Tan Ngan Lo Herbal Tea & Da Yan Lao Herbal Tea?
A. There is no difference of quality and ingredient between Tan Ngan Lo Herbal Tea & Da Yan Lao Herbal Tea, just the trademark registered in country not the same.

Q. Is Tan Ngan Lo Products Halal?
A. Yes. We have obtained Halal Certificates for Tan Ngan Lo Herbal Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea, Oldenlandia Tea and Herbal Jelly products.

Q. Where can buy Tan Ngan Lo Products?
A. You can buy tea bag at Traditional Chinese Medicine Shop, Pharmacy, Tan Ngan Lo Outlet and Watson; Canned drink at Tan Ngan Lo Outlet, AEON, Maxvalu, Billion, TF value and other supermarkets.


Q. 单眼佬凉茶(茶包)有什么功能?
A. 单眼佬凉茶(茶包)由天然草药合成,有效于帮助喉咙痛,感冒,及头晕发热等问题。

Q. 请问孕妇可不可以喝单眼佬凉茶?
A. 孕妇可饮用罐装凉茶。茶包建议怀孕3个月以上,需根据个人体质饮用,冲泡时不宜过浓和饮用次数不超过2包。

Q. 几岁的小孩子可以开始喝单眼佬凉茶(茶包)?
A. 5岁以上可以饮用。

Q. 一天可以喝多少包单眼佬凉茶(茶包)?
A. 建议一天2包。

Q. 为什么单眼佬凉茶(茶包)有时候味道会不一样?
A. 单眼佬凉茶是100%纯天然草本制成,没添加防腐剂,味精和色素。因此,味道会因不同批次的草本药材而产生变化,尽管味道会有些少不同但我们依然保持良好品质。

Q. 单眼佬凉茶和大眼佬凉茶有什么区别?
A. 大眼佬凉茶与单眼佬凉茶在品质及用料上并无任何区别。只是在个别国家注册的商标不一样。

Q. 单眼佬产品是否拥有清真认证?
A. 我们的单眼佬凉茶,菊花茶,蛇草水及龟苓膏均拥有清真认证。

Q. 哪里可以买得到单眼佬产品?
A. 茶包-传统药材铺,西药店,单眼佬门市分行,Watson均可购买。罐装凉茶-单眼佬门市分行, AEON, Maxvalu, Billion及TF Value等超市购买

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