Kelulusan KLU: KKLIU 2208/2016
Tan Ngan Lo medicated tea is a herbal mixture made with various of natural herbs. The formulation is especially help in moderating health problems such as sore throats, flu, and lethargy.

The product is a trusted name for over 40 years. It is also packaged in filtered teabags for convenience, portability, and easy preparation. Therefore, Tan Ngan Lo is without a doubt a companion in many situations – home, office, and travel.

Tan Ngan Lo
is manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility.


Tear along the side of envelop. Remove the sachet and pull out the embedded string in the filtered paper. Brew with 250ml boiling hot water for 5 minutes. Tan Ngan Lo is ready to serve.


Store in a cool, dry place and out of reach of children.

Packaging Size

6 gm x 10 sachets per box

TIPS for Alternate Tastes

You may add the following for better taste and enjoyment: A) Tea + Salted Plum
B) Tea + Salted Lime
C) Tea + Ginger
D) Tea + Salt

TAN NGAN LO Herbal Tea - Non-Carbonated Drink

The real herbal tea you can taste!

The non-carbonated canned drink of Tan Ngan Lo Herbal Tea is a refreshing and rehydrating herbal refreshment. Packaged in aluminum can, it is both convenient and hygienic. When refrigerated, the canned drink is highly enjoyable especially during weather that is hot and humid.

The herbal tea is brewed with 100% real natural herbs in a hygienic production facility, with no added preservative, coloring, or flavoring. The consumers are ensured that the product is of the highest quality and good taste as more herbs are added to produce each can of drink to rival any home-made ones. This is the reason why the canned Tan Ngan Lo herbal tea is touted to be the best tasting herbal tea in the market, bar none.

Started in 1987, the canned Tan Ngan Lo herbal tea is the first in the market to "cool" down the customers.

Tan Ngan Lo Oldenlandia Drink

Oldenlandia, also known as Snake-Needle Grass (百花蛇舌草), is one of the oldest Chinese herbs in traditional Chinese medicine.

Oldenlandia has slightly bitter, sweet and cold properties. It’s traditionally used to clear body heat, resolve toxins, promoting blood circulation to subdue swelling, and promoting diuresis. It’s also known to treat sore throats, urinary tract infections, alterative herb that lowers fever, treat sores and carbuncles on the skins. Besides, Oldenlandia is extensively used in modern Chinese Medical practice for treatment of viral infections (especially hepatitis) and cancers.

Now, you are relish the coolness of Oldenlandia in a bottled drink.

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